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    Kristine Clay

    I have 27 years of experience working with adults, children and teens struggling with trauma, depression, anxiety and life stressors. This includes families in transition of adoption, divorce and post divorce. 

    Recently I was awarded an International Fellowship form the International Association for the Study of Attachment (IASA). My interest in Attachment as foundation o understanding an individual and family journey. 

    My doctoral work continues to be around integration of new strategies and interventions that support a child and family post-divorce, including the need for reunification between a parent and child. This continues to be a passion of mine as I believe in most cases, a child deserves a whole life experience and the enjoyment of both parental relationships.

    I am a professional interested in coming alongside and supporting parents and children through the often difficult changes in divorce or complex custody situations.

    I have a passion and knowledge to guide parents in rebuilding and/or strengthening their relationship with a child of any age who has had challenges as their family has changed.

    I have experience working with adoption and work to promote the best attachment no matter the age of the child or family configuration. My interest in relational neuroscience and attachment are foundational to these interventions.


    I am also interested and offer my experience in support to any individual struggling with depression, anxiety and trauma recovery.

    I have over 90 hours of specialized training in attachment and consider attachment and neuroscience foundation to all of my work. I am certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a Certified Family Trauma specialist. I am a Child Mental Health Specialist and Mental Health Professional.

    I hold a Doctorate in Psychology and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington.

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