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    Integrative Parent Coaching

    You are your child’s best opportunity for healing. When challenges arise in family transitions and the many complex issues following, my goal is to come alongside families and teach parents how to most effectively reach their children and regenerate relationships. I work with the parent as a consultant, coach, and relationship facilitator. We can discuss meaningful ways to help strengthen the bond and relationship between you as a parent and your child. We will partner in reminders of how to focus on your child’s needs. My hope is to support your attachment, offer skill-building, improve coping abilities in both you, the parents, and your child to enhance your relationship and repair damage incurred as a result of adverse situations.
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    My goal with parents is to facilitate and support the most effective parenting relationship between parent and child and to promote their own healing and growth and adjustment to the changes in the family. I can educate you as a parent on how to best support children who have been through losses, trauma, how their brain develops and how to improve their resiliency, attachment, and improving the quality and enjoyment of parent/child relationships.

    What is Attachment?​

    Attachment is often thought of as the bond or connection between two people. It is much more. Attachment strategies are developed in both adults and children as an effort to gain protection from dangers, gain comfort and learn of our influence and value. Understanding strategies are important for both parents and children. Intervention with adults is essential to increase their awareness of how to relate effectively to their former partner, best promote optimal neural development for their child, and navigate the transition in their newly designed family system. We can also strengthen and improve the child’s experience of this major life transition by integrating concepts of attachment and Interpersonal Neurobiology, creating experiences and ways of being with children that enhance their resiliency.

    Relational Neuroscience

    Relationships create changes in our neural connections. Every time we interact, we have the potential to walk away changed. Through mindfulness, attunement, resonance, using presence and curiosity, we are able to improve our relationships. Integration refers to linking different elements, combining, and blending in community. We can “integrate” brain function, experiences, and relationships. For a child who has been through the stress of family transitions, we can use our knowledge to increase their ability to cope, manage emotions and promote a sense of safety and comfort. This is true regardless of your child’s age or the struggles your relationship has endured. The ruptures can be repaired. Using specific interventions, tailored to your child’s needs, we can promote resilience and create lasting strength and confidence. You as the parent, are the foundation. We can also improve the quality of interactions with a partnering parent, reduce tension and still maintain boundaries.