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  • Coparent Coaching

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    Co-parent Counseling- Partnering Parent Communication

    Finding a new normal following a separation is challenging no doubt. Healthier post-divorce communication patterns can take time as healing progresses. What we do not want to do is place children in the middle of these conflicts. Integrative Parent Coaching can give you the tools you need.

    The communication issues you may be in the midst of now as partnering parents can improve over time as we apply these elements of reliable structure and channels of communication.

    Learning how to approach, relate around the facts rather than emotions of partnering as parents is possible with the help of strategies designed specifically for you and your co-parents’ needs. When challenges arise, a trusted third party can provide the coaching to improve the interaction. I will promote reduced tension, increased clarity and focus on the pertinent issues through email, text, and direct contact between parties as coaching is occurring so parties can fully practice and gain comfort with the new structure and strategies of communication as they move forward.

    I have training and experience helping parents negotiate the daily decisions, vacation, visitation, school issues, activities, and following the parenting plan for those conflict triggers as parents seek to raise their child.